What is a keyword?

October 13, 2020

What is a keyword?

A keyword or keyword is the search term or terms that are used to find related content through search engines. With this we can get an idea of ​​how relevant these keywords are in the field of digital marketing and SEO. Especially when making it easier for users to visit or make purchases through the pages of our website.

What are keywords or keywords in SEO?

Keywords are the questions or questions that users ask search engines like Google. Thanks to them they try to offer the most logical and appropriate answers. It happens thanks to the previous indexing of web pages and their content texts. They are also used in their SEA (Search Engine Advertising) cost-per-click (CPC) advertising platforms or to display banners and advertisements.

The order in the content classification depends on complex algorithms that score according to different criteria. The response will show those pages that may be better related or more interesting in the first search results.

This means that our target audience finds a specific page using keywords that relate to it. And it is the main reason that justifies preparing a list of the most suitable keywords that each page should contain. It is the fundamental principle of any SEO strategy, both on page and off page. At a more advanced level, you have to consider internal linking and inbound links.

Keyword research involves the search and analysis of the most appropriate type of keywords or terms. Among them there will be more general keywords and other more specific ones. These studies can take more or less time, depending on the competitor analysis to be analyzed, among a variety of other factors.

Of course, research in this sense is essential to obtain greater profitability. A good SEO or SEA strategy based on the right keywords can be the difference between success and failure. It will avoid wasting time using others that do not benefit us to achieve our objective.

Importance of a keyword

For anyone to find a website or blog for our benefit, it is necessary to position the right keywords. It is important even with the terms associated with the brand, such as the name of the company or the name of the products. The versatility of search engines helps users avoid typing the URL directly into the browser. For those who do not know us, our brand will have more visibility.

We can resort to different sources of information that give us clues about the keywords among which we are interested in positioning. A good selection means that our website appears more frequently among the first search results. This is the concept of attracting organic traffic in relation to the amount or number of searches on a monthly basis.

After knowing the user’s search criteria, we can make very interesting guesses about what to publish. Among the SERPs or search engine results pages, we are obviously interested in appearing in the first one. In it, the first three results are those that usually monopolize most of the visits. The number of people who go to the second page of results to search for information is considerably reduced.

SEO positioning and SEO is very important, because it gives visibility to a brand. But it depends on a number of characteristics associated with the keywords. Users assume, sometimes unconsciously, that the first results have more authority and importance than those of their competition. By choosing the keywords properly, we can better define our content strategy and the structure of our website.
Most relevant aspects associated with keywords

Searching for keywords and analyzing them to assess their possibilities are aspects that are more than justified over time. Especially in cases that do not respond to trends or events on specific dates. And even more so when they summarize the usual way in which anyone feels interested in a topic.

Creating content without choosing keywords properly, or without taking into account basic SEO concepts involves wasting time and money. Many opportunities are wasted by overlooking it by investing resources. You also have to know that, sometimes, it is better not to use words that have a lot of competition. Nor others that attract users who have no real interest in the services and products we offer.

Properly working on web positioning with content marketing will boost us to the top positions of the search engine. Thanks to inbound marketing, we will significantly increase the number of visits.

Properly working on web positioning with content marketing will boost us to the top positions of the search engine. Thanks to inbound marketing, we will significantly increase the number of visits.

It is essential that we make use of the selection of keywords in the subtitles, titles, meta descriptions and in the alternative text of the images. And of course in the body of the text, especially in the first paragraph.

SEO optimization is important in a communication strategy, but it is also important that users know where they have landed and what we can offer. In information architecture, keywords have the mission of defining menus and structure. They hierarchize the different sections in a rational way, helping to deduce everything intuitively.
The essence of a well-chosen keyword

A keyword does not try to persuade, or to deceive, but rather to facilitate that what is necessary is found at the time of demand. Websites with well-used keywords contribute to the balance and coherence of the digital ecosystem in the network of networks. Platforms like Google put the means to reward these with better positions by facilitating the work of making a correct classification.

If in addition to everything, the web design is good and is inspired by the same theme, standing out from the rest in that sector will be relatively easy. And that can only bring benefits in the medium and long term for any business.

To achieve objectives in an online marketing plan, you have to carry out a deep and exhaustive investigation about the main keyword that will be used in each publication. Also of the secondary ones, when it is necessary to add synonyms and antonyms for example. Otherwise, we will waste resources and time.


Keywords try to answer the question of who is who and why? in the virtual context of the Internet. They solve doubts and identify the most important things to satisfy our impatient curiosity. They encourage us to have information that gives us value at any time. Many communication actions boost commerce and business by generating opportunities thanks to keywords.

Most online strategies agree with techniques and keywords for SEO and SEA campaigns. There are many tools that make it easy to make a natural selection of search terms. Google’s keyword planner and Google Trends are among them. But the most important thing to take advantage of is to get into the skin of a buyer persona sample.

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