Freshen up your home by painting it

May 17, 2022

The painting of a space is definitely one of its most basic characteristics in terms of its appearance and its general atmosphere. Proper painting can make a small space look bigger and a relatively dark room more pleasant and bright.

It is no exaggeration to say that the right paint can easily and very quickly change, almost immediately we would say, a space. It is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most basic but also the most necessary forms of renovation. There is no way to do some renovation and not change the painting of the space.

In general, most people prefer monochrome to painting, since it is a classic but also relatively “safe” choice, which is generally liked by everyone. Now, however, the two-tone color seems to be gaining more and more ground and is considered by many to be the top trend when it comes to interior decoration.

Combinations such as white and gray, white and light blue or even gray with brown or beige become the favorites of many decorators and homeowners.

It may seem strange to you, but choosing the right color combination is relatively easy. The difficult thing is to use these colors correctly in order to have a perfect aesthetic result. So let’s look at some modern ways to make really striking color combinations.

Change color just below the ceiling

When we think of two colors and color combinations, surely the first image that comes to mind is the separation of colors in the middle, either horizontally or vertically.

A very modern and very practical trend, however, suggests the exact opposite. So according to many decorators, when combining colors it is better to cover the walls almost completely with one color.

To be precise, you should reach about 30 points before the point where the wall meets the ceiling. Then you will paint the ceiling and the rest of the wall with the second color. This style results in the room gaining height, so it is ideal for small rooms.

Combine colors irregularly

The truth is that horizontal or vertical separation is not as simple a task as it seems. You need to be able to draw perfect straight lines but also take precautions with tape and other materials to keep the colors completely separate.

However, it is not necessary for your color combination to be “leveled” to have a beautiful aesthetic result.

One of the top and most modern trends is the irregular combination. Just paint your wall one color and then paint over the other, without holding lines, etc. Of course it’s good to have some uniformity in the percentage of wall covered by each color, you just do not need to be educated with straight etc.

The result is very artistic, unique and very trendy. Your home will definitely be a topic of discussion.

Color blocking

Color blocking is now the dominant trend in wall painting and of course our suggestions will be based on it. Simply put, this trend imposes many colors on one wall. So monochrome walls are now a thing of the past – especially white – if you want your home to be truly modern and follow the latest interior design trends, then your walls need to be painted.

Geometric shapes

Another very popular form of color blocking is to paint a wall one color and “break” it by painting and filling geometric shapes – circles, triangles, squares – with another color or colors. Of course, this style is more difficult and demanding than the previous one, but for a specially trained painter it will be just a toy.

Paint a single wall

There is no need to do two colors on all the walls of a space. You can paint most walls one color and apply two or two to one. Why do this? The answer is simple: why do you want to look at these walls? In other words, these walls should have something you want your guests to see, like say a fireplace.

Highlight specific points

If you do not want to do too intense color blocking you can play with colors to highlight specific points of each room. All you have to do is draw and paint geometric shapes – in a relatively small size and with a relatively simple design and style – in the places you want to emphasize and catch the attention of your visitors.

With this method, you break the monotony of the color of the wall, but you also manage to direct the gaze and the attention of your visitors exactly where you want.

What colors should I choose?

Here the answer is very simple: whatever you like and it suits you! Some people prefer complementary colors such as green and yellow. Still others choose colors that are opposite or generally have nothing to do with each other so that the effect of color blocking becomes more intense. Some people also choose pal colors to make the two-tone or multi-color a little more discreet.

Either way, when it comes to painting your home, it’s all about having the imagination and the will to experiment.

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